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The Wii Fit Plus – The Weigh in on the Game!

The Wii Fit Plus video game from Nintendo Wii is a game that shows it can be fun with a purpose. It is popular with older kids and adults who like the idea of excising in a different way. It is something new and exciting and so many are flocking to see what it is all about. There are some pros and some cons that make this system what it is; a game that allows you to move around, as most Nintendo Wii games aim to accomplish.

The great thing about this game is that it comes with a neat looking balance board. It is 8lbs so it holds its own weight and is sturdy feeling, so it won’t feel like you’re going to fall off or its going to slide around underneath you. It comes with four extra legs in case you want to put the board on some thick carpet.

The board connects with the game through a wireless connection and it also takes four AA batteries which the game comes with. The board can only handle 330lbs, so if weigh more than that you will have to find another means to tone and get fit.

The Wii Fit Plus is ideal for anyone who wants to give working out a try and who doesn’t want to join a gym or do anymore at home workout videos. It has become frustrating for many people who want to work out but have become tired of the usual videos, yoga mats and bouncy balls. The introduction of the Wii Fit Plus was a welcoming change and a fresh idea.

All ages are reaping the benefits of the Wii fit program. You can find kids doing the activities and trying to stay active and perfect for the long winter months. And moms are gladly buying this game to join in on the kids fun and do something healthy, and seniors are also trying the challenge and love the easy activities and slow pace that they can enjoy from the comfort of their own home.

The game is designed more for tone and balance. That means that if you are planning on using the game to lose weight you may be disappointed. The game does a great job of tracking your weight, body mass index and time spent excersising.

When you register your Mi, you will be required to do a mini fitness test, that once done can be repeated several times in a row if you wish. The game then gives you a breakdown of numbers representing your healthy. You have to enter your age and current weight. It then proceeds to give you medical advice, which some are frowning at because it is not accurate.

There are 18 games to select. The arobic games include activities such as hoola hoops, boxing, dancing and jogging, while the balance activities include things such as snowboarding, skiing, and ski jump. The variety of fun activities might motivate someone to stay with the game and continue it again.

As you head through the game, you have to get through certain spots in the game in order to unlock special games. The only negative aspect is that if the Wii Fit Plus is being used by a few people in the house, then everyone has to pass all required levels for everyone to move on.

The Wii Fit Plus is a great fun game that gives you lots of choice when it comes to activities. It is a motivating game initially, but may have some people yawning as the weeks go by and they are still standing in front of the TV watching a computer animated kid.

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