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Ultimate Army Themed Games & Activities for Your Child’s Birthday Party

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"Water Brigade" For their first high priority assignment, your unit must put out a fire that is destroying civilian crops! Divide the soldiers into two teams; line the teams up next to each other. Put a bucket full of water at the head of each line and give the first person in each line a large cup full of water.

Game Activities

Five Fun Autistic Learning Activities For Your Preschooler

A great way to ensure that your autistic toddler is learning and wants to continue learning is by playing fun autistic learning activities. Avoid anything with too much complexity, as your child is still young, but the activities should stimulate the senses, encourage your child to interact with his or her environment, and encourage them to think.

The following learning activities are enjoyable, educational, and are suitable for most autistic preschoolers:

- Name the Sound - use a tape recorder and record a number of common sounds around your house as well as animal sounds and other common noises, such as a clock ticking, a dog barking, a whistle, a baby crying, people talking and other sounds.

Game Activities

Master The Table Tennis Game

Also known as ping pong, Table tennis is an indoor game that is played by two or sometimes four players that hit a very small, light ball back and forth using bats. The surface used to play the game is usually raised to the height of a normal table and is made of wood. A net divides the table into two sided and these depict the different sides where the two players or four incase of a doubles match play from.

Game Activities

Outdoor Swingset and Outdoor Games: More Activities For Children’s Playtime

Playing the same types of games in an outdoor swingset will be boring for the kids. Adding more activities into the usual ones they enjoy will be a great idea. Some of the games they may play are traditional - meaning you may have played the same games when you were still kids. Other games may be modern that you no longer have ideas on. Just watch them play around their outdoor swingset and you will notice that your kids will have a fun time.

Game Activities

Rediscover Your Kids With Outdoor Garden Games

It was only fairly recently I rediscovered the joys of outdoor garden games. Like most people, when the sun makes an appearance I'm out in the garden, deckchair assembled, slowly barbecuing myself whilst the children run around keeping me awake. But since discovering the delights of outdoor garden games, I'm now joining my kids in keeping our neighbours awake.

Of course, the idea of outdoor or garden games is nothing new - far from it.