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Outdoor Swingset and Outdoor Games: More Activities For Children’s Playtime

Playing the same types of games in an outdoor swingset will be boring for the kids. Adding more activities into the usual ones they enjoy will be a great idea. Some of the games they may play are traditional – meaning you may have played the same games when you were still kids. Other games may be modern that you no longer have ideas on. Just watch them play around their outdoor swingset and you will notice that your kids will have a fun time.

While you are always after your kid’s safety in their outdoor swingset, you should allow them to explore activities that you once enjoyed during your childhood. You have been a kid once and you know how it feels when your parents restricted you from doing “this” and from doing “that”. Maybe you may want the idea of giving more freedom to your kids while they think of other activities aside from playing on their outdoor swingset.

Outdoor games that can be played even if the outdoor swingset is present
The outdoor swingset may mark the start of each playtime for your children. It may also be utilized while they opt to rest from their outdoor games. Therefore, you may give your kids the idea to engage in the following activities:

1. Swing the Statue. This game is not just ideal for kids. Adults may also participate in the activity. While you are gathered around the outdoor swingset, you may play the game. The person who plays “it” takes charge of swinging his co-players. The “it” has the choice of who to swing. Once he swings his co-player, the latter should remain in a frozen position. Whoever moves from that position will be the next “it” for the game.

2. Kickball. With the remaining portion of your playground where you placed your outdoor swingset, your school children may play this very popular American game. This is like football or soccer where your kids will hit the ball through their feet. A playground ball of at least eight to 10-inch diameter is a wise investment for this outdoor activity. While kicking is typical to football, the game follows the rules of baseball where kids run in four bases.

3. Capture the Flag. Another fun activity that has been used for many years now is Capture the Flag. This game is popular to camping activities. You may do the same thing around your outdoor swingset area too. You need flags and flagpoles. If you do not have these items, you may just improvise one for the game. There are two teams with their respective territories. Basically, the team that takes more flags than others on guarded territory will win the game.

These are just a few fun games that your kids may enjoy even if the outdoor swingset is around. They may spend some time in these activities and be tired afterwards. After playing these more physical activities, they may turn over to their outdoor swingset for more relaxation. Placing these two wonderful outdoor events together is like hitting two birds with a single stone.

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