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Outdoor Games for School Children Bangalore

Outdoor games for children, particularly those in primary level education, are essential feature of the school curriculum in which parents must involve with full cooperation and spirit.

School children require physical activity both for their fun and for their health. Therefore, the school curriculumwill generally have one or two hours of play and among them some would be necessarily outdoor games.

With all that, it is an important feature of school curriculum to have the children taken on picnic to nearby places of nature’s bounty, which would include falls, hill stations, river side, sea shore or places of monumental importance.

Outdoor Games for School Children
The outdoor games for school children are all standard games played in the school grounds, while the children will participate in Inter-school, Inter-district and inter-state tournaments which would address the appetite of recognition hungry sports talented children. However, for kids of primary school level, the games are fun filled and excitement capped, some of which are popular world wide. To quote a few,

*Snake in the Gutter suitable for 6 children or more, a group forming snakes in the gutter by standing in a line with wide spaces between them, facing the rest of the kids, who should be at a distance. Other children to run through the gutter without being tagged by a snake and those who get tagged are now snakes and stay in the gutter, others making another run through the gutter. The game would continue until everyone has been caught. This game teaches children the characteristics involving agility and problem-solving.

*Giants, Wizards, and Elves game, involving at least 4 children, but still better with larger groups, in which the Giants conquering wizards, Wizards conquering elves, Elves conquering giants, first dividing the children into two teams with a space of about 4 feet between them and the coordinator issuing directions. This game teaches children agility, listening skills and teamwork.

*Ready, Aim, Throw game for at least 4 children,needing several blindfolds and a few soft balls,the children partnering up, while one kid in each pair is blindfolded. The other partner leads the blindfolded partner by the arm. This game teaches children Teamwork, listening, motor skills.

There are some outdoor games called Tag Games, which include
*Blob Tag game, played as the tagger tags someone, they join hands to form a tagging pair and going further to tag more children to move as a ‘blob’ for achieving a specific goal.

*Tunnel Tag game, a variation on freeze tag, in which children “freeze” in the position they’re in when tagged. In tunnel tag one of them crawls through a child’s feet to “unfreeze” one, so they can rejoin the game.
*Vegetable/Fruit Tag game, is a game played by the tagger approaching a child, he or she squatting to say the name of a vegetable or fruit for protection.

*Band-Aid Tag game, in which a child is tagged, he or she places a hand on the spot that was tagged. The game goes on with further tagging, ultimately the child going sideline when more than permitted tags come by placing of hands.
Tag games teach Motor skill, agility, and teamwork to the children.

Benefit of outdoor games
All these games are played in teams, requiring the children develop team spirit among themselves, for coordination and understanding among the players for team success is the essential quality of every team member. By playing these games, the children acquire a team spirit in their culture and personality, which goes a long way throughout their life. The parents must involve with full cooperation and spirit in conducting these games in coordination with the School teachers.

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