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Also known as ping pong, Table tennis is an indoor game that is played by two or sometimes four players that hit a very small, light ball back and forth using bats. The surface used to play the game is usually raised to the height of a normal table and is made of wood. A net divides the table into two sided and these depict the different sides where the two players or four incase of a doubles match play from. The game is played in the Olympics and is played all over the world and has different competitions.

An ideal table tennis setting should be measured to perfection. The playing table should be 72cm from the ground. It must have a width of 152.5cm and the ideal length is 274cm. The table tennis playing racket is wood-made but with a rubber covering on the surface that hits the light ball. All these are some of the specifications that a professional match should adhere to, and there are also other technical rules and regulations governing the sport. Some of these can be best understood if you choose to enlist the help of a ping pong instructional DVD as it has elaborate details on the aspects relating to the sport.

To master table tennis, playing skills and tips are better learnt and put into use. For instance, the game is started by a serve. This is the start of a point which you are awarded should your opponent fail to correctly return or toss the ball back to your side of the netting. The ball should be hit in such a way that it should bounce twice, once on your side of the netting and the other in the other player’s side.

If the ball being served hit the net but proceeds to the other half, it is called a net-in or let. This necessitates that the serve be repeated. However if the ball hits the net and remains in the half of the server, it is a lost serve and the opponent if then given the chance to serve.

For you to get a score, the opponent has to fault in the return of your serve or return. Faulting could mean any of the following; hitting the ball more than once, letting the ball bounce two times or even more on one side of the netting, among many other faults, which can be learnt from getting yourself a table tennis DVD. This game requires intelligence as well as physical stamina

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