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There are a lot of fun things which kids can do outdoors. However, there are times when playing outdoors is impossible, like when the weather’s too bad to let children play outside. Unlike adults who can be contented reading books or watching TV, most kids have great amount of energy in them that needs to be spent. They can become restless and bored when they’re doing nothing. One way that your kids can be entertained while being inside is by letting them play games which are perfect indoors. You can even join in with them to share the fun.

Among the traditional games played inside the house are board games. This can include games like snakes and ladders, scrabble, checkers, chess, monopoly, etc. This can be fun, given that your kids are old enough to understand the concept of these board games. You can play with them on the rug or carpet covered floor, or you can place it on the table.

Pretend play is also a great way to keep children entertained, especially preschoolers. This can be done at home or even at school. You can have the kids pretend who they want to be, like being a doctor, a nurse, a patient, etc. This kind of game will not only keep them entertained, but they can also express what they feel and allow them to learn what others feel through the game.

Creating card towers can also be a great way to entertain kids indoors. You can create different card towers with them, allowing them to place the cards carefully to prevent them from falling down. You can even make it more exciting by making it into a competition. If you have a lot of cards on hand, you can try to see if who can build the tallest card tower. You can also provide the winners with awards to get them more interested in the game.

If you have a large home area, another game that you can play with your kids is hide and seek. This is one of the commonly played games indoor or outdoor. It can be fun to try to find those who are hiding in the house. You can even add different rules to make the game livelier and more fun.

Constructing or building something with construction toys like Lego, can also be a fun game to play. If your kids have great imagination, you can ask them to build something with their construction toys within a given time period. This can allow your kids to use their creativity. To make it more interesting, you can then judge their finished material and give a price to the winner.

If your kids are fond of their toys, you can also play with them by creating different clothing designs for their toys. You’ll need some materials where you can cut out different designs to be used as clothes for their toys. You can show your kids how it’s done and help them in cutting or putting the clothes together.

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