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Examples Of Fun Outdoor Games For The Family

Are you the type of parent who is always busy with work or with business? Then you might as well make up for it by organizing some out-of-town trips or weekend family bonding time. To make these events more fun and exciting then it would be great to come up with some fun outdoor games that everyone can enjoy.

Here are some examples of fun outdoor games perfect for the whole family:

1. All weather corn toss game -If you can aim and toss a corn bag at least 10 feet away then you are good to play. With this, even little kids can join the fun. This is indeed one of the most exciting and fun outdoor games for the whole family. It can be played anywhere; from the park, campgrounds, backyards or driveway. So the next time that you will have an out-of-town trip you might as well include cornhole game in your list.

2. Backyard mini-golf tournament – If Daddy loves to play golf with his friends every Sunday or any day possible so why not bring the tournament in your own backyard and let the kids go against Daddy. For sure, this is going to be lots of fun. This is also a great way to train little boys or little girls to play golf. Eventually, they will be enjoying the real game too.

You can also invite your neighbors to join the fun and go against each family. This will be very exciting!

3. Bubble Brigade – you should divide the group into two (so it is best if you will invite many participants like your neighbors). Each player will have a bubble solution and wand. The team will line up shoulder-to-shoulder. The first person in the line blows the bubble, then passes it to the person next to him/her using the wand until it reaches the end of the line person. The first team to successfully pass the bubble to the end line wins the game. When the bubble pops before it reaches the end, the person who popped it will blow another bubble for the solution. Be careful not to hit the eyes with the bubble solution to avoid irritation or allergic reaction.

4. Mom (or Dad) Calling – This is another fun game to play with other families. The mothers (or fathers) will line up on one side of the park blindfolded. Their kids will be at the other side calling out their names. Blindfolded moms will try to reach and find their kids just by following the sound of their voices. The first mom who will grab her own child wins the game.

It is definitely fun to spend time playing these games with your family so make sure to allot at least one day a week for these kind of activities especially with your children. Your relationship and bond will be stronger than ever which is of course great for everyone.

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